Our adult dogs that are not pregnant or nursing generally stay in our covered kennels at night. Each dog has her own kennel and can have a meal and rest without having another dog bugging her, and they learn to be calm and quiet at night. This is also for the dogs' safety from wild animals and protection from the elements. Believe me, they'd love to stay out in the yards and play all night! Each kennel is equipped with a floor drain for cleanliness, as well as a very well built doghouse with bed inside and plenty of toys. The doghouses are our own personal builds. They are completely insulated and have an insulated door that can be removed in warm weather. The roof is removable for cleaning, the inside is lined with plastic so it can be wiped down in case of mess, and all the corners are lined with metal so nothing can be chewed. 

We also have an office where we hang out with the dogs, hold appointments, and have the crates for crate training the pups. The pups also have this office as a larger area to play in and do enrichment activities if there is bad weather and they cannot go outside to the puppy play yard. We have a separate storage room for our dog food, tools, supplements and a whole host of other items that seem to migrate there!