We have 2 large play yards connected to our main kennel for our youngsters and adult dogs. Each yard contains a small cement pond approximately 6' by 6' by 18" deep that the dogs can jump into at will to cool off. It is just large enough for them to be mostly submerged but not deep enough to get water in their ears. It has a drain and is easy to clean. We lighly chlorinate it to try and keep it sanitary and change the water very frequently. Additionally each yard has a play structure that the dogs LOVE to play on! They dart in and out of the bottom section and jump into the top section to play "queen of the castle". They are so fun to watch and we have way too many videos our our phones of them playing! The puppies do use these yards occasionally but only under direct supervision as the large yards are not predator proof. We also have a slightly smaller upper yard with a play structure and smaller pond. We only use this yard occasionally as it is not connected to the main kennel.