Hi. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy meeting our special dogs. Here at Cedar Ranch we love our Labradors and they give us tremendous joy and happiness many times in return. We are proud of our dogs and our mission is for our puppies to give joy and happiness and be a blessing to each and every family. Please do not be offended if you call and we give you the third degree. We want our pups to go to homes where they are kept healthy and happy and sometimes the timing is not right for every family. We want the best possible situation for each puppy we place and therefore we have strict guidelines in placing a puppy. 

Our names are Rick and Tiffany Ginkel. We have four children ranging from 29 to 21 years of age. We are nearly empty nesters with 3 of our children grown and out of the home and our youngest in college. We welcomed our first grandbaby in late 2020 from our son and daughter in law and we are tickled pink! We can't wait for our granddaughter to play with the pups when she is old enough! In the meantime, we have to "borrow" children to help socialize our pups with little ones, and so our neighbors, friends, and previous puppy families help us out with that "chore".

We have a wonderful ranch here in the San Diego Mountains. In addition to Labradors, we have Rat Terriers (non-breeding), horses, cattle, sometimes pigs, chickens, and a pond full of koi, turtles and a bullfrog or two. We often have wild animals such as deer, turkeys, and many species of birds paying us a visit, as well as the occasional rattlesnake, coyote, fox, bobcat and mountain lion. 

In addition to our dogs, we have several other hobbies. We enjoy going out to Gordon's Well sand dunes in the winter when it is cool out there. We also enjoy camping every summer in the Sierra mountains where we off road, hike, and fish. Every year we say we are going to vacation somewhere else and every year the Sierras draw us back. We have two amazing friends, Brittany and Erin, who know our program and take care of our dogs when we take a vacation. Both of them have dogs from us and have become part of our family.

All of the photos of our dogs and the sunsets etc, that make up the headers and footers on this website are taken on our property or at the desert or Sierras. A rare exception would be a dog we do not own on a pedigree page. We do not give any person or business permission to use our photographs without permission.